Cobalt HB-2 at a glance
HAPERT trailer COBALT HB-2 backward tipper


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HAPERT Cobalt HB-2

Delivered as standard with:
  • Manual operated with hydraulic tilting system
  • A built-in, solid, hydraulic cylinder, tipping angle no less than 50°.
  • Low loading height 66 cm. with tyres 195/50R13
  • Plywood floor 15 mm with galvanised steel sheet
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel
  • Provided with TÜV certified binding brackets
  • U- profile at the rear for installing skids
  • Aluminium dropsides 30 cm. high with robust fasteners built in
  • 4 removable corner pillars and front wall hinged
  • A bottem-hinged tailgate board
  • Hook mounted around hinged points for easy mounting, incl. cargo net


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