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When do I need a BE driving license?

You do not always need a BE driving license to drive a trailer or caravan. If

  • the trailer total (mass empty vehicle + load capacity) is not heavier than 750 kg, or
  • the trailer may weigh more than 750 kg. The condition is that the maximum permitted mass of the total combination (towing vehicle pus trailer) is not more than 3500 kg.

sufficient driving license B.

For combinations of vehicles consisting of a tractor vehicle of category B (maximum 3500 kg) and a trailer or semi-trailer, where:

  1. the maximum authorized mass of the trailer or semi-trailer may not exceed 3500 kg or
  2. the maximum authorized mass of the semi-trailer may exceed 3500 kg provided that:
  • the maximum permitted load under the coupling of the semi-trailer or center-axle trailer does not exceed the difference between the maximum authorized mass of the towing vehicle and the mass in running order of the towing vehicle and
  • the permitted maximum axle load or the sum of the permitted maximum axle loads of the semi-trailer or center-axle trailer does not exceed 3500 kg.

do you need driver's license BE.

Obviously, you always take into account maximum towing weight on the registration number of the towing vehicle. (maximum mass inhibited)

Would you like to have the Permitted maximum Mass of your trailer adjusted?

Then you must have your registration certificate changed by the authority responsible for this in your country. Depending on the change in the maximum permitted mass, this can be done in writing via a form or you must have your vehicle inspected by the authority.

Authority country:
The Netherlands:
TUV Nord

Wheels and tire pressure?

  1. Tightening torques for wheel bolts
  2. Optimum tire pressure:

Wheels and tire pressures

Connection diagram 7 & 13 pin plug

Can I have my trailer stickered?

If you have a closed trailer with 15 mm ABS walls (and roof), 25 or 40 mm polyester walls, you can have these stickers applied. As long as the stickers are applied to a smooth surface. Rough walls unfortunately cannot be stickered due to their relief.

Please note! We do not recommend the use of dark-coloured stickers. These attract and retain heat, which can cause air bubbles to form under the stickers.

Does my vehicle work with the trailer's LED lighting?

Unfortunately, not every vehicle works with our LED lighting. This has to do with the CAMBUS, the component that checks whether the lighting is working. This component works differently per vehicle because it is not standardised. Therefore, it can differ per make of car, model and year of manufacture whether the LED lighting works or not. We therefore recommend that you first test this at one of our HAPERT dealers.

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