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the Municipality of Beekdaelen has a Hapert Cobalt HM-2. Read the interview with this company below:

Who are you? Tell us briefly about your company.
The field service of the municipality of Beekdaelen consists of a team of 22 employees who work daily for the public space of the municipality. The municipality of Beekdaelen was created in 2019 from a merger of the former three municipalities of Onderbanken, Schinnen and Nuth.
The field service is located in Schinnen. From here, employees go to many jobs throughout the municipality every day. The municipality is 78.5 km2 in size.

Where are you active?
The municipality of Beekdaelen is located in South Limburg.

What are you doing?
The field service carries out all common (ad hoc) work in the public space of the municipality. This is very diverse and varies from repairing a subsidence in a sidewalk, repairing a sewer, mowing footpaths, pruning trees to sweeping gutters with the sweeper truck.
The municipality does not carry out bulk work such as mowing lawns and maintaining public gardens which is outsourced to contractors.

Which Hapert trailer(s) do you use?
Cobalt double axle trailer, 3-sided tipping with dropsides.

What do you use the trailer(s) for?
The trailer is used in various ways, mainly by paving workers for the supply and removal of materials for paving and by green workers mainly for removing pruning waste or removing dumping.

How long have you been using Hapert trailers?
We purchased the trailer in November 2021 from the company Orbons from Hulsberg.

Why do you use a Hapert trailer?
We chose Hapert because of the price/quality ratio and the fact that the Hapert dealer is located in our municipality, which we greatly appreciate with regards to service and maintenance.

What do you like best about the Hapert trailer?
The trailer is very user-friendly. Electric tipping is a great convenience. The raised side walls are also very easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing you to quickly change applications.

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