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Meeuwsen B&T has a Hapert Cobalt HM-2+ and a Cobalt HB-2. Read the interview with this company below:

Who are you? Tell us briefly about your company.
Meeuwsen B&T is a gardeners and tree care company that, in addition to landscaping work, specializes in planting, transplanting, maintenance and conservation of (old) trees. We are also involved in soil and growing area improvement.

Where are you active?
We are mainly active in the Southeast Brabant and North Limburg regions. We work throughout the Netherlands for large jobs such as (monumental) tree transplants and soil improvement.

What are you doing?
In addition to landscaping work such as garden maintenance, design and planting, we are mainly concerned with trees. This includes (monumental) tree transplants with root balls up to 150 tons, tree maintenance, pruning, research, felling, growth site and soil improvement.

Which Hapert trailer(s) do you use?
The Cobalt HM-2+ and the Cobalt HB-2.

How long have you been using Hapert trailers?
We have been using Hapert trailers for over 8 years.

Why do you use a Hapert trailer?
That's a nice story! My cousins had their Hapert trailer for sale when I first started my business. As a starting entrepreneur I could use it well and so I decided to take over the trailer. I liked it so much that I never changed brands again. That's why I didn't hesitate for a second to get the new Haperts that I now own and I certainly don't regret it.

What do you like best about the Hapert trailer?
I'm just very pleased with how they perform at work. The build quality is very good and so these trailers are also a sustainable purchase for my company. They are easy to use, have little or no defects and function properly. All in all just very nice to work with.

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